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Fryingpan River Report

July 5, 2015

FLOW: 254cfs - Ruedi Reservoir is full, it's gonna be an awesome summer!

WATER CLARITY: Very minor discoloration with plenty of water viz.

OVERALL RATING: 7 out of 10 and getting better daily!

THE SHORT AND SWEET: Flows are back down to normal summer water levels and good fishing has resumed. We are still in that transition period from spring hatches to summer hatches, where BWOs are fading away as the PMDs start to really come on. Expect good midday hatches from 11am-3pm.

FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: BWOs, PMDs, Caddis, Drake nymphs, Midges, Mysis Shrimp

IN DEPTH REVIEW: Summer is here, and perfect summertime flows are happening on the Fryingpan. Visibility is just fine, although afternoon thunderstorms can add a bit of color anywhere on the tailwater section. As mentioned above, we are in that "in between" time hatch-wise, where BWOs are starting to fade out and PMDs are beginning to make their presence known in better numbers every day.

Rising fish are being spotted early, midday and before dark. Early and late dry fly eaters are looking for PMD Rusty Spinners and midges, primarily. Rising fish in the evenings are also keeping an eye out for female egg-laying caddis, and midday hatches are primarily yellow and pink PMDs, caddis and BWOs.

Taking a few mysis patterns is a no brainer for the upper river, and don't forget those green drake nymphs either. Drakes won't be hatching for a while yet, but the immature size -14 nymphs are prolific. July brings heavy crowds to the tailwater, take a meander up the Fryingpan above the reservoir if the two-legged hatch gets too much to bear.


DRIES: TC Fryingpan Emerger 20-22, Collett's Para BWO 20-22, Befus BWO Emerger 20-22, P&E Caddis 16-18, Stimi's 12-16, Yellow Humpy 14-18, Melon Quill 16-18, Sparkledun Pink PMD 16-18, Sprout Midge 22, Shuckin Midge 20-22

NYMPHS: TC Epoxy Mysis 16-18, TC Tim's Mysis 16-18, Magma Mysis 16, Prince 16-20, PTs 16-20, BLMs 18-20, STDs 18-20, CJs Red 16-18, Electric Caddis Olive 14-16, Twenty Incher 14

STREAMERS: TC Autumn Splendors, TC Stingin' Sculpins, Slumpies, Peanuts, TC Foxee's, TC Trout Slider

HINTS: Fish and cover the soft water! It's less fly oriented and more water type oriented right now.


WATER CONDITIONS: Slightly stained, but pretty darn clear for the current flows

Worms, Stoneflies, Caddis, PMDs, Drake nymphs

OVERALL RATING: 7.5 out of 10 due to lesser crowds and equally good fishing.

THE SHORT AND SWEET: We're seeing very decent caddis and PMD hatches mid-river. If crowds aren't your thing, there are plenty of public accesses in this stretch. Finding a place to tuck out of the wind is usually a little easier in here, away from the dam.

IN DEPTH REVIEW: As we ease into summer, the middle section of the river has been fishing rock solid. Hatches roll up the Fryingpan as they do on most rivers, so be expecting to see more PMDs in this section than right below the dam. (The same will go for drakes, hint hint..) This section is fished best by covering a lot of water and varying your technique until the fish start to react to your offerings.

Late afternoon has been producing very solid caddis fishing, PMDs are popping midday primarily. As the sun begins to set behind the hills, be sure to have some rusty (PMD) spinners and caddis in your fly box. The other thing to keep in mind is your streamer box, as Fryingpan fish react quite well to these larger patterns as the sun recedes and they feel a little safer.


DRIES: Same as the upper river

NYMPHS: Same as the upper river less mysis shrimp

STREAMERS: Same as upper river

HINTS: Easier fishing/wading can be had along the upper river.


WATER CONDITIONS: Clear for the most part, afternoon T-storms can add in a bit of color.

FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Stoneflies, Worms, PMDs, Caddis, Green Drake nymphs

OVERALL RATING: 6 out of 10. Head on further up the river for the best conditions unless you're willing to rock hop and work for those fish.

THE SHORT AND SWEET: Because of the pressure on the upper reaches of this tailwater, embracing the lower sections brings joy to many! Access is not nearly as easy, but this is another added benefit to those looking to get away from cheek to jowl fishing. Remember all hatches start on the lower and move their way up!

IN DEPTH REVIEW: Love hopper-dropper and Czech nymphing? The lower river is calling your name! Due to the lower elevation and canyon-style water features, the lower river sees more stoneflies than the middle and upper. Hatches all begin down low well before we see them in the upper, so this section will bring the first green drake hatches of summer.

Expect to see plenty of caddis, PMDs, BWOs, craneflies and stoneflies in this section, and streamer fishing can get quite good early and late in the day. There have been short traffic delays on the lower river as large rock mitigation is taking place above the road, but these stoppages are brief.


DRIES: Stimulator 12-18, Charlie Boy Hopper 8-10, Pearl and Elk 14-18, Ethawing Caddis 14-16, Sparkledun Pink PMD 14-18, Flag Dun PMD 16-18, In the Zone Stone 6-8, Triple Decker Golden Stone 6-8

NYMPHS: Cat Poop Stone 6-10, Twenty Incher 12-14, Spanflex Stone 6-8, Z Wing Caddis 14-18, Electric Caddis 16-18, Graphic Caddis 16-18, Copper John 16-18, Slow Guy PMD 16-18, Barr's BWO Emerger 18-20

STREAMERS: Same as above

HINTS: The time is now, people! Very enjoyable fishing awaits you on the lower river.


Link to the USGS Real Time Flow Chart for the Frying Pan River


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