destination fly fishing


During the course of our twenty-some years in the business we have had the opportunity to sample some of the finest in flyfishing resorts and destinations throughout the world. Some of our exploratory adventures turned out to be trips from Hell, the kind that we still tell great stories about but don't care to revisit except at gun point. Other sojourns to new waters have proven to be the type of fishing experience that has drawn us back again and again. We invite you to share these special places with us, either on your own at a time of your choosing or as a part of one of our accompanied groups.

Christmas Island

We have chosen our dates for this year's Christmas Island trips to maximize the different fishing opportunities available on this the largest of the world's coral atolls. We prefer to fish Christmas during neap tidal phases. This timing allows us to fish the oceanside flats on the outside of the island from The Korean Wreck up to Vaskess Bay in addition to all the flats within the lagoon. Give us a call if you have ever thought you would look good fastened to a large bonefish or have questions about this absolutely enchanting Pacific fishery.

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